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Richard Gilbert Emery (19 February – 2 January ) was an English comedian and actor. Beginning on radio in the s, an eponymous television series ran from to . Why Shop Over 50, Products Available in hundreds of categories! Free Shipping on all USA orders over $! . 7 FOREWARD TO THE 5TH ISSUE The first issue of this guide was compiled in and was based on a series of eight articles published in Marine Modelling magazine . Plans & Books. Several plans are viewable by clicking the thumbnails at the bottom of this page. For those determined to find it, a wealth of written information on the Schnellboot is available in English and German. These swift and aggressive boats were popular in the wartim. Airfix Magazine Guide: kukakutemiv.tut-obovsem.infolage of World War Two No. 11 (Airfix magazine guide ; 11) [Michael J.F. Bowyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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BOBCAT 463 OWNERS TORRENT Lancaster insurance review www. August Classic Bike News, airfix magazine guide . From Saturday 13th JanuaryUK traders will no longer be able to levy a surcharge for credit card or bank card payments. Want to comment on this story? Talk closed in Note that all sale prices are subject to a Classic bikes for sale, or not So who are you gonna believe? A blue plaque for Triumph founder. All the same, airfix magazine guide might want to check it out. He is best known as a co-presenter of the motoring programme Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond from until Its all so easy nowadays.
Airfix magazine guide Jake Robbins Royal Enfield custom. Very few scammers, if any, airfix magazine guide , will be prepared to sit in front of a web cam and make the dirty deal. That will transport a vehicle possibly with a full complement of passengers miles until the fuel and volts run out. Airfix magazine guide in the doghouse, airfix magazine guide . Bill Little retirement sale: This is your latest warning, but probably not your last. Six "White Helmets" Triumphs to sell. By lateit ran 20 magazines and 23 websites covering videogames, computing, entertainment and photography. Harrier Jump Jet for sale: These were denied, but the company sold the US edition of OK! Hearst has many versions of its magazines internationally Cosmo is published in more than 30 countries from France to Indonesia. Over a 17 year production run between andaroundcc straight-four water-cooled Austin Seven sidevalves were produced at Longbridge, Birmingham. Bonhams Las Vegas "bloodbath"?
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Harley-Davidson brake recall threat. Dirt Quake V reminder. Increase in untested cars and bikes. Triumph Trophy Bible reprinted. Brighton Speed Trials New album from The Monkees. Rare Crosley Hot Shot Roadster sold. Dave Cyril Eric Swarbrick: Can you help identify this Norvin? Cheffins is looking for consignments. Alan "Mr Ed" Young: Last call for Bikeshed May British scooters exhibit at Haynes.

Harlow bike injunction confusion New Triumph metal sign from Sump RE profits jump by a massive Black Douglas Motorcycle Co update. Norton "Blueprint" T-shirt Simply Petrol prints from Check your spam boxes, please Ducati Mike Hailwood Scrambler. Ariel Square Four back on the block. Triumph "Blueprint" classic T-shirt. Bike nicking copper gets months. Motorcycle Outreach Brough idea.

Sammy Miller Museum Art Exhibition. Indian-Jack Daniels charity tie-up. Helmet cam hysteria is mostly over.

Diamond Jubilee Trophy for Triumph. Vincent World Record set at Bonhams. Rare Vincent 2-stroke Uniflow Engine. Mick Grant replica Norton racer. Broughs of Bodmin Moor to sell. Flying Tiger Moto Man poofy soap. Porsche Sunbeam S8 special to sell. Ural gets on the scrambler trail.

Huge UK government tax disc loss. Optimate 5 Voltmatic charger on test. Watsonian Squire T sidecar. Redesigned Sump Triumph T-shirt.

Great service at Welders Warehouse. Wheelrider project seeks backers. A blue plaque for Triumph founder. Victory Ignition Concept custom bike. Matlock Bath Mining Museum appeal. Swedish Italians head for France Side view assist tech from Bosch. New Triumph Speed Triple for Kickback Show London Dec NMM to raffle a T Bonnie. Royal Enfield splined clutch drums. Have you seen this Ford Mustang? Bonhams Hendon Sale Dec Bonhams Las Vegas line-up.

Stand up for Owen. Old Empire Motorcycles Gladiator. Weise "affordable" Lima gloves. Another Hayward T belt failure. Second generation HUD for bikes.

Harley-Davidson XA to Wheatcroft. The NMM opens its doors for free. Great speedo cable fix from Venhill. Worst Netley Marsh autojumble ever?

Jake Robbins Royal Enfield custom. Rare cc Indian Brave. Yvonne "Bat Girl" Craig: News about Roy Bacon. France bans earphones on the road. Tri-Cor is now Andy Gregory. Matchless-Vickers to stay in Britain. Samsung truck video safety tech. First middle lane "road hogger" fined.

Disappointing Historics June Sale. DVLA "paperless counterpart" fiasco. Classic face masks, Boken style. Vibrating steering wheel idea for dozy drivers. Council streetlight switch-off warning. Classic bikes for sale reminder Hope Classic Rally: Cheffins Cambridge Sale results. John Stuart Bloor is now a billionaire. Erik Buell Racing closes its doors. One of the Love Bugs is up for sale Ronnie Carroll: New drug-driving regulations are here.

HMS Sump is torpedoed! RE Continental GT, soon in black. Lincoln bans legal highs in public places. Check out the links below. Or then again, maybe someone did invent it, but the invention got lost somewhere along the way.

Or perhaps we just missed it on our travels. Either way, the idea behind this simple device is pretty straightforward. Instead of linking two spanners in the traditional-but-not-always-very-wise-method to free a stubborn nut or bolt, this Power Bar Extension Wrench provides the extra leverage required to get the job done without risking your hands and knuckles or whatever. You simply slot in the spanner, square-up to the nut or bolt, and apply some pressure.

The stubborn fastener is freed. Our verdict is that this is no doubt a handy device when used appropriately. Want to comment on this story? Hit the icon on the left and email us. Note that we moderate this field to weed out the more obvious cranks. Harley-Davidson promises a production electric bike within 18 months. BP to add first rapid electric charging points at service stations by March. Want to comment on these stories? Following a sustained period of trading woes, Harley-Davidson is planning to close its Kansas City, Missouri assembly plant and shift local production back to York, Pennsylvania.

But they give us a headache, and there are too many troughs and even deeper troughs on the Milwaukee balance sheet to climb in and out of. Specifically, around workers will go at Kansas, but new positions will be created at York. That should happen by There is, of course, the European and Australasian markets to tap into.

And Harley-Davidson is doing what it can in these zones. Hopes had been pinned on the newer range of Street and Street twins. Whether true or false, that sounds like fairly normal operating procedure for many firms, both large and small.

But it changes nothing. By the summer of , Kansas will be history and Harley-Davidson would have retrenched to Pennsylvania where Touring, Softail and custom vehicles are built. Well we think America is already great albeit not as great as it was. On the US mainland, Harley-Davidson also operates plants at Tomahawk, Wisconsin where it manufactures sidecars, saddlebags, and windshields.

This restructuring in itself by no means indicates some kind of terminal decline for Harley-Davidson. But clearly, the changing world market has left the firm in an awkward place, commercially speaking, with products that fail to meet the needs and requirements of modern buyers. The company has a track record for bouncing back. The factory, which makes wheel rims, will see the loss of jobs. Harley-Davidson bought the plant in The days of reporting road accidents at a UK police station could be numbered under a new proposal from H.

To that end, a 12 week consultation has just been opened. And okay, saving money is important, but not at any cost.

In the short term, direct reporting at a police station counter will still be an option. But we have to wonder if self-reporting on the web will simply shift all the stats and underlying truths out of sight rather than keep a few human eyes on where the issues and problems really lie.

In other words, a smart desk copper if there is such a thing might well spot things that a piece of high tech digital software might overlook. Around , traffic-related personal injuries are recorded each year by UK police. There are no reliable stats on the number of vehicle shunts that take place, many of which are simply not reported. However, the underlying concern here is that the times might be moving a little faster than some of us can travel. Two potential offences arise from a refusal to comply with this requirement: Failure to stop, and Failure to report an accident.

The penalties range from up to five points on a driving licence, a fine, or up to five years imprisonment. Department of Transport Consultation Document. And typically instead of dealing with the real issues, our succession of lame governments simply want to digitize everything with all the risks that that involves.

No doubt much or all of that private information will find its way into the hands of lawyers, accident management "specialists", salesmen and all the other usual rogues. We should all respond to this consultation and tell the government that we want our police stations, incompetent though many of their officers are.

Better the devil you know. The cc Velocette Venom pictured immediately above is the headline bike if you can call it that. But we can tell you that the bike, which has been given a mild cafe racer look, has been in a collection for many years and might need a little fettling to get it back in fighting shape.

So check with Silverstone if any of these bikes interest you, etc. Yes, this is a bit late in the day to post this story. Send us your news and events sooner rather than later. And if you can format your event similar to the way we format our listings, that will save us some Sump hours, and that means more boozing time for us, etc. We headlined this bike in Sump Classic Bike News December , and we thought it would fetch a few bob.

Bonhams Las Vegas Sale January reminder. Vincent World Record set at Bonhams, January Can anyone out there enlighten me, please? But it looks like the ad was also posted in other places on the web. That will probably lead to him or her making more rational observations and jerking your lead when and where appropriate. But if you go hunting alone, you risk getting bitten by your prey. Anyway, just treat this is yet another warning.

Very few scammers, if any, will be prepared to sit in front of a web cam and make the dirty deal. See the bike, or see the face, or risk losing your money. Dear Sump, if just one biker in a thousand is stupid enough to fall for these scams, there would still be hundreds or thousands of rip-offs every year.

From the tone of your news story, this victim has probably lost a lot more than that. Hi Sump, this guy is total twit. BMW posts new sales record. Excelsior-Henderson brand now being auctioned by Mecum at Las Vegas. Gumtree merges with owner eBay motors to create ebaymotorspro. The AJS Cadwell gets into some cool looking rubber. The use of the AJS brand will still grate a little with older Ajay diehards. But the world moves on, and the current owners of the marque are doing what they reasonably can to be faithful to the AJS heritage.

But Chinese motorcycle build quality has in recent years leapt ahead, and stylewise they get better and better every season. All the same, you might want to check it out. It was aimed largely at the learner market. Good morning Sump People. But a few more good looking bikes like this just might do the trick. What I really need to be convinced about is the quality.

Chinese factories have, as you say in your piece, come a long in recent years. But they started from a low base; a lot further down the scale than the Japanese back in the s and s. Most of the other lots are nothing to get overly excited about. Charterhouse told us that this is their biggest motorcycle sale to date. Once again, no further details or lot number has as yet been offered by Charterhouse.

Recent clutch, plus new discs inc pads. Old MOTs, history file and receipts. Said Matthew Whitney of Charterhouse, "We have been working hard scouring the country advising clients with their motorcycles hidden away or stored in their barns, garages and even in their living rooms! Entries have come from Wales, Lincolnshire, all the counties across the West Country and even four motorcycles from a client in France who had them delivered to our store!

The earliest bike currently listed is a Triumph CSD. The most recent is a Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback sidecar combination. The address for both the auction and viewing is: The show ends at around 5. Note that all sale prices are subject to a Charterhouse is also offering some of these bikes on eBay.

We checked with Matthew Whitney at Charterhouse image immediately below. He explained that the problem lies with eBay data fields. Instead, you have to make a note at the bottom of the listing which might go unnoticed.

The clearest thing to do, perhaps, is to use eBay only in the way it was intended to be used, which is as an online auction, or as a cash-on-the-nail classified advert portal. And even if you scratch your head for a bit and carefully study the eBay listing and read both the small and the big print, it all simply helps undermine confidence.

But we did a reverse picture search via Google, and it looks like it might be Ron Johnson. In fact, one website suggests that it was taken at the pits at New Cross, London sometime between and ; New Cross being the speedway track where Johnson made his name. Further information suggests that Johnson was a Brit who, as a child, emigrated to Australia with his family.

Back in the UK as an adult, he lost a toe in a speedway crash in , and lost the tips of two fingers whilst adjusting a primary chain at Crystal Palace.

Later, we hear, he suffered a fractured skull at Wimbledon and "was never the same after". Various comebacks saw him competing with ever younger riders, and apparently he was still trying his luck when he was in his fifties. He died on 4th February aged 75 in Australia. But there is more career info online. However, our Sump visitor is interested in discovering more personal information about Johnson, or Johnston.

His friends and associates, etc. So polish your peepers, if you will. Ron Johnson Speedway Rider - Wikipedia. The trouble with some products is that as hard as the manufacturer, importer or retailer tries to sell it, the worse it sounds. Try not to read so much propaganda and sales hype. HJC has been around for long enough to know how to manufacture a reasonable product at a reasonable price. And sometimes you just have to trust people to deliver the right goods.

Beyond that, just chuck the helmet away at the end of the season and pick up something Wow, modern helmets though: Where were they forty years ago? Its all so easy nowadays. Triumph Speedmaster Jet black price revealed. Star of Department S and Jason King has died aged around His real name might have been Cyril Goldbert. He might have been born in London. Then again it might have been Marseille or Singapore. His father might have been a diplomat named Wyngarde, or a merchant navy engineer named Goldbert.

What is known about Peter Wyngarde to use the name he preferred is that he was one of the most flamboyant characters on British TV, notably in the s crime series Department S Interpol agency pot boiler , and Jason King crime writer and amateur sleuth.

But his screen career dates much further back to when he appeared in a Hammer production entitled Dick Barton Strikes Back. Wyngarde played Jason King, and a spin-off series was later created for him. Career-wise, this was his high point. He was uncredited and you could easily miss him if you blink too often, but you have to start somewhere. That film also starred Deborah Kerr and Michael Redgrave. Then came Night of the Eagle which saw Wyngarde playing the role of Norman Taylor, a psychology professor mixed up in a celluloid romp involving witchcraft, superstition and other forms of mind control.

He also made a record or two, narrated a few TV productions, did numerous tours on the celebrity circuit, wrestled with an alcohol problem and evidently won and outlived practically everyone he ever worked with. Pretty much everything else about Peter Wyngarde—his personal life, his career, his predilections and suchlike—can be treated as gospel, or taken with a pinch of salt.

Fifty years ago much of telly was staid and homely but this was great, and influential. My sister was a fan and even named her Labrador after him! Hi Sump , The s was certainly "my era" TV-wise. Yes, many of the scripts were pretty unbelievable. But the characters were usually "right". Best of all, the s theme music to TV shows is yet to be beaten. Glad to see Peter Wyngarde get a mention here. Well that moment has arrived.

So check the link below for full details, or click on the image. Nice bit of eye-candy. When are the custom bike builders going to make machines that go the distance? The exercise of engineering for its own sake without function as a primary aim When applied to motorcycles is that art? It frequently fails to produce practical motorcycles in many cases and this is one of those From a motorcyclists perspective, not an art critics point of view, that just looks like bad design We mention this only in passing, you understand.

Lancaster claim to be specialists, and it has to be said they gave us the best quote by far. Hi Sump , been with my insurance company for years Adrian Flux.

Bikes, house and car. Now is this just a blatant rip-off, or do they make the numbers up as they go along? My advice is to keep them all on the boil and shift around year by year. If you get lazy, they sniff you out and hike the premiums —PeeWee.

Harley-Davidson is coming back to Manchester. Ice Rosa Rink, Italy 17th January Petrol prices already up slightly. List of publishers on this page to the right. The company was backed by venture capitalists and corporate financiers.

Imagine originally aimed for a quality feel to appeal to older, more experienced computer users. By late , it ran 20 magazines and 23 websites covering videogames, computing, entertainment and photography. In December, Imagine established a motoring division by buying Porsche monthly Total from 9 Publishing. In mid it launched a gaming portal, NowGamer. Immediate Media Co is a special interest publisher that has added ecommerce and TV shopping to its magazines and websites.

Burda had also recently bought Seven , the content marketing agency. Immediate was formed as a result of the BBC being forced to shut down its publishing operations, because they were seen as too commercial for the broadcaster, which is funded by all television-owning households in Britain having to pay a licence fee to watch free-to-air TV and listen to radio.

Essentials of the deals included:. The loss of its monopoly on BBC TV and radio listings in the late s has resulted in sales falling steadily since. At the end of , Radio Times was selling , copies a week. Its prime position was lost when Bauer took over Emap in For history after , see Time Inc UK. In November , the company underwent a restructuring, with just three divisions covering men, mass-market women and upmarket women.

In April , it set out to review its 80 specialist titles, which was seen as a forerunner to selling some smaller titles. Other titles IPC sold included: Late and early saw a focus on websites: Now magazine website which has evolved into Celebs Now ; whatsontv. Newnes, Odhams and Fleetway Amalgamated under the ownership of Reed International, a conglomerate with its roots in paper-making. Five years later, this became IPC Magazines. For example, Woman fell from almost 3m sales a week in to a tenth of that in It occupies about half of the , sq ft building.

Part of US media group Time Warner since Several titles and online properties closed in advance of takeover. Had been expected to float on the stock market by , but rumours of sale began at end of Company divided into limited companies. Future seen to rely on international and digital strategies. Female managing director Sly Bailey took over October but left in to head up Trinity Mirror newspaper group.

Relaunched s iconic fashion magazine Nova in May - but it closed a year later. Part of the failure for this blamed on Cinven preparing the company for sale. Jeremy Langmead, brought in to relaunch Nova , said in a interview: And they needed a tidy bottom line. Corporate website has data on titles. Distribution and marketing division Marketforce.

Structured as limited companies based on publishing groups. Back issues and subscriptions from www. Launched Eva in and Now in October Now took over Here! Mizz is a lifestyle title for year-old girls. Set up as digital trading arm based on building e-commerce networks around readerships, rather than on-line versions of magazines. Titles grouped in subject areas. Major launch Beme for women was based on six moods or channels: Unmissable TV related to listings magazines. Beme, Unmissable and UpLoaded closed in Strategy reverted to magazine-based approach, with 16 sites active in Claims half of the TV listings market, with 2.

Magazines grouped into interest sectors: There is also a US version. The company had planned to expand into sports and lifestyle titles and to launch international editions. The magazine had an ABC circulation figure of 16, in the second half of Kesley is a publisher of specialist magazines and books for enthusiasts that has expanded by buying up titles from groups such as BBC Magazines, Future, Hearst and IPC. It is based in Kent and Cambridgeshire.

By , Kelsey grouped its magazines into three divisions, motoring 16 titles , agricultural 7 titles ; and rural and lifestyle. However, its policy of buying titles saw it expand by with 70 titles grouped into five areas:. BBC Good Homes had launched in and sales peaked in at , before dropping to 97, at the end of Kelsey then bought several titles from IPC in The monthly promised a behind-the-scenes look at the long-running show, which is presented by Fiona Bruce and was first broadcast on BBC1 in The magazine ran for seven issues, the first with a May cover date.

By , it had a portfolio of 25 magazines and spinoffs, covering aviation, flight simulation, road transport, rail, military history, sport and both railway and scale modelling. It is based in Stamford, Lincolnshire, with offices in Spain and Brazil.

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Recent clutch, plus new discs inc pads. New vehicle "write-off" categories. Information on this picture wanted. News about Roy Bacon. Kickback Show London Dec News about Roy Bacon. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Claims half of the TV listings market, with 2. She and Emery married in But that might mean someone is awaiting a delivery, perhaps as a present, and is going to be disappointed. How James May became the most in-demand presenter on British television". The earliest bike currently listed is a Triumph Airfix magazine guide . Norton launches the California. Does any of it matter? Brown revived links with Conde Nast, taking on editorial advisory board role for their contract launch Tate, airfix magazine guide . But if you want to protest, get your placards together and mosey on down to Beach Road Playing Field [ and we all know what they mean by "playing" - Ed ] at Wells Next the Sea, Norfolk—which, airfix magazine guide , by the following Monday, will probably be renamed Sex on a Stick Next the Sea.

Online realtime paint lookup is here

So new bike sales for will be "artificially" lower. But we can tell you that the bike, which has been given a mild cafe racer look, has been in a collection for many years and might need a little fettling to get it back in fighting shape. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. The hours are 4pm until midnight. Mortons launches new freebee title. Retrieved 11 May Top Gear of the Pops. DVLA "paperless counterpart" fiasco. British car production at year high. Council streetlight switch-off warning. Great speedo airfix magazine guide fix from Venhill. Unless the trader trots out the old "plus VAT" line. Or the casualty rate might be higher or lower for bikers who wear reflective clothing, or ride without helmets, or ride with helmets, or who wear goggles, or who wear sunglasses, or who have windscreens, airfix magazine guide , or who ride blue bikes, or pink bikes, or whatever. Two-stroke engines were the original chosen power source, and through these well-crafted and shrewdly marketed velocipedes, Levis quickly became a household name with a good reputation. Ford Design in the UK - Veloce. Any classic Land Rover, airfix magazine guide . The story is simple. This cc cruiser had been recorded as a Category D insurance loss.