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The binding of antiepileptic agents to this recognition site increases the affinity of GABAA receptor for modulating the inhibitory effects of GABAinduced chloride ion flux. In some cases, it is personal commitment and resolve — and hard work. We man tga service torrent free one world and we should strive in our own simple way to bring about friendship and peace. Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, PowerPoint Image Copier works in a rather quirky way: Kovacevic " Wavelets and Subband Coding". The last time I saw them was during their acclaimed residency at Tate Modern. Its author sent a message to the http: One of the big problems with all such converters would be interactive stuff you may include in PowerPoint. Rijmen, man tga service torrent free , Efficient Implementation of the Rijndael S-box, The well-known video card maker Matrox has released its new card continuing the Gxx series: Concrete is by far the most widely used construction material today. After about an hour of artillery fire government troops followed the tanks forward. For safety reasons, they can only be opened by her remote. Annales titreh publiera senteront roulera scolaris parall unifi?? Federal University Of Technology, Minna 9. This is not coincidence. Antioxidants, Polyphenols, Correlation, Regression. Richard Felker started a general audit of the GUI code for further string handling problems and uncovered a host of potential bugs, some of which were probably exploitable. I think the flaws were deliberate because this has been a recurring problem. Parhelia - posted by Gabucino The well-known video card maker Matrox has released its new card continuing the Gxx series: Last week we suggested that rather than maintaining the status quo, Johnson should have been made host of the show. Wildlife Wildlife rocxi Wildlife vmd wildoncam.

, Saturday:: Picsearch samples list posted by Compn. The FFmpeg project would like to recognize and thank the people at Picsearch for . Бытовые счетчики учета расхода холодной и горячей воды. Газовые котлы и колонки различных российских производителей. Dateiformate / Dateiendungen - Rostocker PC-Kurse, Dateiformate / Dateiendungen / Dateitypen, Computerkurs in Rostock. Antananarivo, Madagascar U.S. Embassy Antananarivo alerts U.S. citizens to a plague outbreak which occurs each year in Madagascar. To date, there have been confirmed cases and deaths. Readbag users suggest that is worth reading. The file contains page(s) and is free to view, download or print.

Man tga service torrent free The sub harmonics of the switching frequency are in general undesired and are seen as a drawback. In this Paper, a new approach for controlling microstructure development during hot working process by percentage of volume fraction recrystallization is proposed. The association persisted across multiple adjustments for potential confounders and in a propensity score-matched analysis HR 0. Sunday until dawn Monday, the peak viewing times, the agency said in a news release. What is your conclusion of this case, what will it be after this? The features to describe text regions are area, saturation, orientation, aspect ratio and position. She found that nine of the 19 stops discussed in court were unconstitutional, and that an additional five stops included wrongful frisking, man tga service torrent free . Cache layer - cache in MPlayer! Unless of course he knows the question ahead of time. The milk bank samples had not yet undergone the pasteurization process. Please bear with us for a little longer until we have the mirror network up and running, continue the transition from CVS to Subversion and move over the mailing lists. User oriented description and multiple criteria decision aid, European Journal of Operational Research, Volumeissue 2 January 16, Central Point Datei-Manager 2. If you thought about helping us out in building the fastest and most flexible video player, now would be the perfect moment to join our team, just come and join us on our mailing lists and IRC channels. Since we believe that the bugs land cruiser v8 torrent in this advisory are exploitable we have released this proactive advisory, man tga service torrent free . As talks man tga service torrent free got under way this week, the Palestinians threatened to walk away again after Israel announced plans to build more than 3, new apartments.
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Linear algebra and its applications solutions torrent Hard turning—Influence on the workpiece properties. Is an interview with Janet Malcolm inevitably some sort of meta-interview, with added footnotes provided by the subject herself? Heute im Gebrauch meist durch gzip ersetzt. It is going to be broadcasted tonight at The Danish National Radio http: Then he plays a DVD. It is naturally so that one should not use GPL hardinge type torrent lathes in proprietary systems. This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring. To maintain the dc-link voltage at the reference value, the dc-link capacitor needs a certain amount of real power, which is proportional to the difference between the actual and reference voltages. If installed with default paths, that is: However, in real situations, man tga service torrent free , ECG recordings are often corrupted by artifacts. When RS codes are used for man tga service torrent free many memory system and reduces error in data. I stay at home and look after the children pills spirotone philippines assumed perhaps The one group of people legitimately terrified of the new Gmail is email marketers.
Man tga service torrent free Please test it as much as you can, and report any bugs you stumble upon! A man tga service torrent free server could announce more than 20 streams and overflow the array. These are the patterns we use to identify a SAMI subtitle file. Our goal is to bring together developers, system administrators and users in the field of Unix to foster projects, ideas and the knowledge of every individual. Unless of course he knows the question ahead of time. As an American, I believe in freedom of speech and equality for all, and therefore disagree with the laws that Russia has put in place. Instead they hope that the Open Source community will put so much pressure on KiSS Techonology that they will be forced to release all its software, man tga service torrent free . Using fear of bodily harm as a legal justification for shooting someone is also tricky in a country where a certain portion of the population believes that young black men are dangerous. Not the same thing. Ohh, before I forget, have I mentioned that we are planning to organize a bug hunting party? Strong flexible quad muscles are necessary for fast running, so baseball players need these muscles to be flexible and strong to run the bases and chase ground balls or fly balls.

A remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerability was found in MPlayer. MPlayer releases before 0. A patch for all vulnerable versions is available. I did not read mplayer lists any since months except for a few mails pointed to me , and I lost the rest of my interest towards MPlayer development.

About G2, my primary reason of giving up on it was the dual licensing issues, discussed recently on the g2-dev list. My opinion about GPL was proven again, ie. It should also improve speed and reaction time of the server. Anyway we still have a small problem: Members could vote starting on 19th November until the 20th December The Hungarian speaking minority could visit the portal: Please verify your membership and settings!

Anyway this list has over members, many of them with broken bouncing addresses. So, you have to subscribe again, even if you were already subscribed: The Danish National Radio http: It is going to be broadcasted tonight at A written article is also available , in Danish. We have made a rough english translation of the session thanks to Anders Rune Jensen.

Our commentaries can be found at the bottom. I find it quite disgusting to read so much plain lies. Its idea was mine, then I asked laaz if he would be so kind as to implement it in MPlayer.

Then in October 12 at The format was never spotted in the wild. Actually we can picture a quite nice representation of their viewpoint, especially after seeing their unwillingness to start a conversation with us in E-Mail.

First we though they are encrypted, or obfuscated in some other way, like an executable packer. Actually these new files are simply compressed with gzip. Decompressing them is very simple:. This codec is used by a lot of other audio players, like mpg , a command line MP3 player found in most Linux distributions - including Debian. And if you do: Before I get another 10 mails about this: You can also check the subreader.

As you can see, the KiSS firmware contains the subtitle formats in the very same order as we do. Another nice nit is the "dunnowhat" AKA "unknown" subtitle format, whose name remains unknown for us - thus the naming. This of course is hardly enough for a proof. What really makes it a one hundred percent stealing is quite obvious: These are the patterns we use to identify a SAMI subtitle file. We have one more pattern in our parser, which was commited on July 20, in effect of supporting a new subtitle format, called "ASS".

Every single one of their patterns match ours! This is not coincidence. This is stealing GPL code into a proprietary product! KiSS Technology failed to answer our inquiry for their source files which they are obligated to provide , so this news entry is posted. Although being alpha, it looks very nice. Some better output drivers, and optimizing is needed, tho. MPlayer is yet to support libcaca directly, but with the following patch, the -vo sdl: The patch for the vanilla SDL 1.

From December 17 We had several reasons for the reinstall:. A huge bug slipped into the release. Now with Windows Media Player skin support. But the ChangeLog is still very long, actually just thinking about inserting it and writing all those HTML tags feels tiresome. Time to move on to RV Check out the documentation! Oh, and by the way: No doubt many ppl will celebrate one of the new MEncoder features: The development was moved back to the Sourceforge server, so other projects - and the main FFmpeg of course - could take advantage of our developments.

It is still in beta stage, but it is known to work on at least TNT2 and Geforce2. You may or may not need to first initialize your card with the closed-source binary? If aye can give ye a hint: A malicious host can craft a harmful ASX header, and trick MPlayer into executing arbitrary code upon parsing that header. A patch is available for all vulnerable versions here. This pre-release is the first piece of the pre As you already know, we are planning to release MPlayer 1. We plan switching on all the problematic parts of the source, so we can find most of the bugs which were hidden so far.

Ohh, before I forget, have I mentioned that we are planning to organize a bug hunting party? We await lots of coders, you can join the thread on the mailing list, it starts here. And I want to ask all of you, dear users, to send real bug reports to the mplayer-users mailing list after reading the documentation and the bug reports section, which you can find here. Add [BUG] to the subject line, if you want to get your bug really fixed! This is a surprise release. This is the last release from that branch.

Consider this as a bugfix release for MPlayer v0. Everyone is obsessed about MPlayer G2. But what about our good old companion, MPlayer G1? If you have ever listened to what we were saying you know that there are currently two G1 branches:.

This is probably our most stable version at the present, however it is also the most featureless. A new release from this particular branch has already been scheduled since months, but it was always delayed in the end. Currently the maintainers and release coordinators for this branch are me, and Diego Biurrun yo diego! Definitely a must-use branch. No release timeframe, not even a common agreement on version numbering.

Maybe it will be 0. Keep reading this news in the following days to get informed. Since they are even more paranoid than SuSE, they will "of course" cripple it by removing most of the native codecs starting with libavcodec and also most files with no nice GPL header included, rendering the player unusable. I think that including an unusable build of an application is even worse than not packaging it at all.

It is not only valueless for the users they will have to remove it and compile the source of the original version , but it gives the application a bad reputation, i. Note, that they also patch MPlayer code to hell, resulting in new bugs and side-effects we are unable to reproduce with the original source.

They should send the patches to us, so we can review and apply the correct fixes and tell them about the problems with the rest. Users can still download the sources and compile them at their own responsibilty. MPlayer G2 is the next generation of MPlayer, developed from scratch, by reusing good parts of the "old" code, but built over a new, clean design.

MPlayer G2 in action. The European Union is just about to vote total control over software patents! If you want to avoid the police harassing you, please read the summary here , then sign two petitions at http: If you think all these efforts are in vain, then please tell your nearest EU representative about the matter.

I made some of the older homepage designs available, each is dynamically generated and contains the same content. Choose the one for your liking: Click here to read! Do not bother about it, we just forgot to increase it: MPlayer G2 generation 2. Do not expect it to be released soon. Well currently two features come to me, first is the totally synchronized MPEG playing 0. This new core - when completed - will open up brand new possibilities amongst media players.

The decoder is currently unoptimized, but it already outperforms the original binary DLL which is a shame on Apple, but what did we expect? The format itself turns out to be an early adaptation of the H. You can see the consequences in the next paragraph:. Have a nice time using xine! And the only thing that comes to me is that I should hit the bed as soon as possible. The most important thing: You can read his first and second mails on this subject from the mplayer-dev-eng mailing list.

Send patch, it might get incorporated into a 0. Oh yes yes, no need to remind be: I promised rc4 would be the last prerelease. So please test and report bugs, blah-blah. QuickView Pro however, is being worked on even today. This is a simple bit media player for DOS, using ffmpeg. All files belonging to QuickView contain proprietary information which are protected by copyright.

This includes reverse engineering, decompiling and disassembling. No part may be altered or translated without the prior written consent of the author. Any violation of the copyright will be prosecuted by the author and by Intel. They claim to open their sources for download soon?! I did that, now waiting. PS2 Media Player Platforms: Yes, another PS2 media player using ffmpeg. Its inclusion into ffmpeg is currently under discussion.

The URL can be found in the ffmpeg-devel mailing list archive. This is a modchip, or whatever. Its author sent a message to the http: However, their homepage is full of PR text, nothing actual information of included software, licenses, source, etc..

However their homepage makes the opposite impression. We think the time passed on the default skin. You can read about skins here , and take a look at the default skin for examples. It shows the number of the WEB FTP was not counted downloads of release tarballs, and the other curve shows the number of lines added to or changed the code in CVS, summarized per month.

There are quite some features about it which make it the player supporting all modern codecs of the world today. I could do so even on my EGA or Hercules display.

Its issues can be downloaded. Get the CVS and fire it. Guess what, the avifile project already got them working: DMO its predecessor was DirectShow. The process is a bit difficult, but currently the only solution.

Be patient, we are working on a better implementation. It is important to emphasize the fact that although this method includes usage of the windows emulator Wine , this is NOT just like using the QuickTime Player. And, you can even encode it with for example DivX, with MEncoder. It is just awesome: You can adjust most of the playing options runtime, with your selected font, displayed right on the used video output.

There is a file browser, help text displayer, preferences, but the most unbelievable feature is the Console: Check the following screenshot, I executed some Unix commands: Click on the picture to zoom. We did it again: So you can play your favourite brand-new quicktime movie trailers with mplayer!

Click on the image for a larger version! MPlayer is 2 years old today! Anyway, this prerelease has both major bugfixes and new features, just like pre9 had The well-known ffmpeg project has made its new WMA decoder available. Just to remind you: Unfortunately, the source of that version was lost??!! They also insist on us providing an apology. They nuked any topic on their forum which was discussing GPL. The homepage did not contain enough information about licenses - only the success story of porting ffmpeg and xvid..

And the "losing" of the old source.. This prerelease has both major bugfixes and new features: So I guess they can say: It must have been leaked, we are soo sorry. Seeing their download area , there is a Win32 binary amongst many else , obviously with GPL license.

Please send the source to gabucino at mplayerhq. As we currently cannot move against them not that we want to do so, in the first place , we can only warn the open-source community to. It seems that pre7 was the most buggier pre-release ever People just cannot insist commiting fixes and features: The XVID people immediately contacted Sigma Designs, who confirmed the violation, and promised to remove all violating code.

On August 9th, Sigma released version 1. This is a brief snippet of the story available at www. Please take the time and read it! It does OSD and noise filter in only bytes: After about 2 months of "testing" pre6 is out It should be named v1. The crippled list of changes:. It does 16 colors in maximum x resolution, and became very popular many years ago - many old games support only EGA, not VGA.

Please think about donating. Here comes a brand new pre-release of MPlayer 0. Below you can find a short list of changes, compared to the pre4 version. The well-known video card maker Matrox has released its new card continuing the Gxx series: List of main changes:.

This prerelease contains some serious bugfixes, and no big new features. We promised various big things in pre2 announcement, but they are delayed to pre4 now, as we want to release these fixes ASAP. The most important fixes were:. The third is cdrecord with This is the second pre-release intended for public testing. You can download MPlayer 0. This is a pre-release intended for public testing.

This project has been started by Nick Kurshev - the author of Vidix, and origin of numerous MPlayer optimizations. This is not true. His method gains not speed but smoothness - if you have a movie that runs slow with MPlayer , MPlayerXP will not help you. But you are free to try it!

This time he examined Xine.. In the beginning of the article Joe baby quickly proclaims that his standard. The interesting part is that he had to do the same to MPlayer , and he became angry about it. Another interesting part is when he "was impressed by the level of detail and information provided by the configure scripts". Well you know how a standard. BTW, that script runs for 5 times more time than ours..

Well, it simply rocks. Joe quickly froze Xine by changing to an other skin than the default. Next advantage of Xine is "you can set just about anything". So what do we have in the end? This guy is impressive: If I knew english as much as he does, I too would be able to manipulate the masses this easy: Then he plays a DVD. He also visits xine , where he gets some hints.. I never saw him on MPlayer or on our mailing lists Yet, according to him, our documentation is the biggest pile of shit: Yare-yare, I must be crafting conspiration theories: So, these are my Gabucino comments on Mr.

I mentioned that it also provides direct hardware access. And what does a standard interface for hardware access mean?

For NVidia users who have to mess with buggy drivers and incompatibilities. And this is absolutely not the whole story. See the download page. It can be reached at http: Should I write some lame jokes of mine?

And they DO read. In July, we had hits. In September, it was Nice growth, I can say. MPlayer team is looking for sponsors! So, back to the new release: As of now, it seems 1.

Be aware that this is like fortune tellings, so no warranties. If you feel the urge to try these, hurry and download! Also, be sure to read the documentation about new features, and anyways. He provided this stuff for download at os2. He provided no sources at all. Tell me if you disagree, and please explain why. As soon as we got informed about this, we sent some mails to their mailing list. We sent mail to the website admins, asking them to provide us direct email contact of the "author", and remove the download link until he fixes credits.

They immediately came out from the darkness, and started to flame us at every forums because of that news entry. Nothing about the code stealing. Later they started to say: Nothing about our "wishes". A slight inconsistency in the CVS backup caused these errors. Check the screenshots they also have CPU utilization percentage. If you have interest or experience in porting further, do so. This news entry contained some misinformations about GCC 2. MPlayer now can use XAnim codecs even 3ivx!

The binary is yet unreleased. Just go and download. Also, we moved the mplayer-users mailing list to our new server. Tons of new features, beta Gui version, bugs fixed, new vo and ao drivers, ported to many systems, including opensource divx codec and much more.

We, MPlayer developers, condemn those that are involved in the creation of this senseless massacre, and would like to express our sincerest condolences to the relatives of all who died due to these terrosist attacks. We hope that the masterminds of this attack will be apprehended and punished appropriately.

Two more skins are available. Just be a little more patient Oh, and there are screenshots of the skins, just click on their names. Atmosfear has commited support for the Ogg Vorbis audio format. I want to start up my mplayer version 6. Grab the cvs snapshot. As MPlayer now uses libdvdread which relies on libcss , now we have nearly full DVD playback ability. Plus some more additional features:.

Grab the current cvs snapshot 0. Update from cvs if you wish. Hmm what other news.. Well, you were wrong. MPlayer now includes four actually three methods to play DivX movies. You can choose between: Another boring weekend, another news entry.. For the impatient, there is a 0.

First, about the native AAlib driver. Its development is going slow, seems to be due to some problems IRL. The codebase is still in the killing bugs phase not if there are any.. The third thing that comes into my mind right now, is the GGI project. As of today evening, MPlayer code is frozen. SourceForge services run on their slow backup system for 2 weeks, so there are no crontab jobs no automatic daily snapshots and homepage updates. Mailing lists are extremly slooooow and mails arrive in different order than sent so for example the cvslog lists is totally unusable.

We hope that SF will recover but I fear for they will never recover, two weeks on backup sys is too long Yes, some people namely: MPlayer now compiles and works on Solaris 8 , of course only on x86 machines, not Sparc that would be hopeless, sorry. Update from CVS, or download a snapshot.

Many people asked about portability. Now this project goes serious Hehh, we were so obsessed with our own deadline that just after IdegCounter was officially released, we noticed many things were missing, etc. Even its version number was 0.

Download the real thing. After many months of daily 24 hours blood-sweating development, MPlayer 0. And lots lots lots lots lots of more! Head to the download section!!! A lot of improvements have been made to the codec loader, and as a consequence many more codecs can be used with MPlayer than previously.

First, download the font package. Support for the other codecs is coming very soon! It solved at least some problems with ALSA for me. Please try it and write if playing got smoother. Subscribe if you want to, but be warned! Its traffic is BIG! The new release of the OpenDivX codec is now supported. It introduces better quality, however the encoding speed is still slooow.

You can subscribe on it. Subscription info is updated in the About section. Andreas Ackermann made a DGA driver for libvo. And he did a good work Also note that this code is alpha , and - at the time of writing this - exists only in CVS.

No prerelease versions have came out since Feb The biggest change will be the change from libvo to libxmm. And so he did. The GUI code by Pontscho will be imported too, so you can finally show your Windows pals who has the better player!!! Actually with an encoder! Anyways, we still need good skins! Graphicians, get a grip on yerself and write to Pontscho! Those of you who missed DivX ;- quality setting option, be delighted!

DirectShow support will be added too! Of course this also means VoxWare support audio codec. I wonder who needs. Thanks to Dariusz Pietrzak for the hosting!

News Archive , Saturday:: Picsearch samples list posted by Compn The FFmpeg project would like to recognize and thank the people at Picsearch for their help improving FFmpeg recently. Come visit us in Berlin! Severity High arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player when getting disk information from a malicious CDDB entry, null if you do not use this feature.

Affected versions MPlayer 1. Severity High arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player when playing a malicious MOV file, null if you do not use this feature. Severity High arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player when playing a FLAC file with malicious comments, null if you do not use this feature. There is no need to download binary codec packages if you already have an older version.

Severity High arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player when getting disk information from a malicious CDDB entry, null if you do not use this feature.

You are welcome to meet the developers and tell us your suggestions in Hall 12 Booth See you in Berlin! Thanks posted by Guillaume We would like to thank all the generous people who donated towards helping us organizing LinuxTag this year.

Many thanks to all of you! How to donate money Paypal removed. A big thank you to our many fans. Severity High DoS and eventually arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player when setting up a RTSP session from a malicious server, null if you do not use this feature.

And last not least many bugs were found and fixed since pre8. German documentation translation finished Russian documentation translation synced and almost finished Drivers: AC3 passthrough now works even when the device name of the digital output port has been set by the user bicubic OpenGL scaling works with ATI cards md5sum switched to the libavutil MD5 implementation support for libcaca 1. A Call for Translators posted by Diego MPlayer and its documentation are available in many languages.

JACK audio output rewritten without bio2jack OpenAL audio output - unfinished, can only do mono output OpenGL video output modules support -geometry and -wid options for -vo gl manyfmts is now default since it is a lot faster , use -vo gl: If you hear clipping, use -af volume. Channel order had to be changed. In multiple file encoding, either all or no files must have audio.

Use -nosound to force. Supported on OS X MPEG format encoding tool using only MEncoder allow multiple -help clauses on the command line console "OSD" for audio-only files show total time when playing audio-only files support for. You can access the MPlayer Subversion repository at svn checkout svn: MPlayer interview posted by Diego Alex, Oded and myself were interviewed by cruocitae for http: Severity High arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player when streaming an ASF file from a malicious server, medium local code execution under the user ID running the player if you play a malicious ASF file locally.

Unaffected versions MPlayer 1. There are three options: Get a new hoster for the old server and replace a few parts or get a new 1U server and place it at the offered place or get a new server and a new hosting provider. How to donate money Paypal removed European bank account Account name: Attila Dogan removed French bank account Account name: Beregszaszi Alex removed It is important that you write MPlayer into the comment field. And now enjoy those movies Update Somehow we forgot to mention that we added audio track switching during playback, one of the most requested features since ages.

RV20 fixes many H. Description While enumerating streams from a server, MMST code stores stream IDs in a fixed length array, but there is no check to stop the process if too many stream IDs are received. Severity High arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player when streaming RTSP data from a malicious server, null if you do not use this feature.

Severity Medium arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player when playing MP3 audio, should the buffer overflows be exploitable. Severity Theoretical, the BMP demuxer is proof of concept code. The changelog is relative to MPlayer 1.

Detailed advisories will follow. From the description at their homepage: Update 2 Some recorded talks have been made available. Hard drive donation needed posted by Diego One of the hard drives in our project server is failing and needs to be replaced.

The pending patch queue has been greatly reduced and as usual we expect to make the next release in a more timely fashion ;- Since you already know about the name change the most important change is the security relevant string handling code audit. Severity High arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player if using the GUI to play certain types of playlist files, none when using only the command line.

But since we run on so many different operating systems now we thought that MPlayer - The Movie Player For Linux is not really a fitting name any longer. Software Patents posted by Alex Your video player is Fixed length buffers were assigned for the URL used in server requests and the length of the input was never checked.

Very long URLs could thus overflow these buffers and crash the application. Not all strings returned from a Real server were checked for length. It might be possible to cause a buffer overflow during the RTSP session negotiation sequence.

A malicious person could use a fake RTSP server to feed the client with malformed strings. On Wed, 14 Apr CVS versions from that date to the time the fix was checked in are susceptible to the same problem when playing normal RTSP streams as well. At the time of the writing of this advisory no real exploits are known to the authors and we hope to be the first to stumble across this vulnerability. Since we believe that the bugs described in this advisory are exploitable we have released this proactive advisory.

Apart from that there are so many changes it gets hard to pick out the highlights. COM streaming code fallback to live. Be prepared for a new tech release! Personal thanks go to: Download the interview here Hungarian: Yet another award we got! The development of MPlayer was started by a little group of Hungarian programmers 3 years ago.

We needed a program that could play media files under Linux and were so unsatisfied with the existing choices that we started making a better alternative - said Gabucino, the spokesperson for the MPlayer programmers.

MPlayer has reached a wide recognition in the Open Source community. There were enough similarities to take a closer look at the case and make the MPlayer team angry - Gabucino said. The specific part of the code in which the similarities are found is the one controlling the subtitles when playing movies.

So Gabucino is puzzled why anyone would even bother using the code instead of writing it themselves. There have been some cases prior to this which have caused quite a lot of trouble. The MPlayer team has published the accusation of the code theft on their website and has tried to document it by listing the strings in the code which are identical in the two pieces of software. Long story short, it is okay to take the code from MPlayer and develop it further, as long as the result is given back to the community.

And makes it clear that it is not a matter of getting some money from the Danish company, but a matter of fulfilling the requirements of the GPL and releasing the software.

There are two main questions: Apart from being accused of taking code from MPlayer , KiSS Technology has also been accused of using other Open Source software, but managing director Peter Wilmar Christensen denies all accusations with small requisitions. The DVD player from KiSS uses a modified version of Linux as its operating system and that part of the software has been released in accordance with the licenses.

I would say that the is no truth to the accusations. In large there has been some interest regarding our applications recently and around GPL, which is the software used in the Open Source community which requires you to publish the source code if you use it. And there has been some interest in some of the programs used on our DVD players. Something called libmad and libjpg and than this Hungarian company MPlayer.

On our DVD players we run Linux which is licensed under the GPL, we have on our webpage published the operating system so that people can download the improved version of Linux that we use. The application layer on top of Linux is proprietary and is not based on any GPL code. The documentation the Hungarians has presented on their website is parts from your code. By simply comparing the strings line for line and concludes that they are so identical that this can be no coincidence.

What is your comment on this? Currently we have not investigated it enough to be sure whether or not they are right or wrong in their accusations. What is important is that we do not use their application Of course, only the subtitle reader! Should there be cases where the code is very much alike, we have to look at how that could have happened.

But we doubt that there is any truth to the accusations. There are a lot of things that could have happened, one could imagine that code from our community has spread to other communities included the Open Source and code originating from our player could accordingly be a part of MPlayer , if in fact there are any similarities. It can be hard to tell how those similarities have supposedly appeared.

What is important is that we do not use their application. If there are a few identical lines then one might ask themselves how that has happened. But it could have just as well come from one side as from the other.

In any case, we are under no circumstances of the opinion that we have borrowed code. But what is important is the matter of principles in this specific issue and what private companies can allow themselves when they use Open Source and on the other hand what the Open Source community can expect from the companies.

Because of the current case, managing director Peter Wilmar Christensen has had a closer look at the GPL license and evaluated its legal status. We have confirmed what we already knew, that when using code licensed under the GPL then we have to publish any derivative work. This means that the legal foundation is very thin and there is no place in the world that I know of where the GPL has been tested in court. So from a business perspective I would say that the license is relatively weak. But it is clear that as a commercial company living off selling its product, can not and will not release its proprietary code.

It is naturally so that one should not use GPL code in proprietary systems. According to Gabucino, the Hungarian software developers of MPlayer are glad that their accusation against the Danish company has reached the media. As he said, there are no big economical options for dragging the case to court. Instead they hope that the Open Source community will put so much pressure on KiSS Techonology that they will be forced to release all its software.

But that is completely out of the question, said the managing director Peter Wilmar Christensen, even though he is very keen on staying good friends with the Open Source community. We try to tell what we use and what guidelines we follow. Have we made any error, such as making incorrect descriptions in our manuals then we will of course fix those things. It is not so that we in any way want confrontation, but we have to make a clear statement that our software will not be released as Open Source.

What is your conclusion of this case, what will it be after this? The conclusion will be that the licenses in this area are a good description of how one ought to operate within this community. We appreciate the Linux community very much and see it as a good thing for the industry. Generally that there is an alternative to the Microsoft community.

It can be hard to tell how those similarities have supposedly started. Several things can be concluded: Christensen never took the time to read our announcements. The KiSS firmwares are all made in , which is - as far as I know - a way later year than KiSS Technology has strange interpretation problems with some sentences, like " Holding good communiqe with the Open Source community: But it could have just as well come from one side as from the other Decompressing them is very simple: There is nothing wrong with that.

However, if a careless user initiates a string search in one of their firmwares: MPlayer with libcaca posted by Gabucino libcaca is basically a colored variant of aalib.

We had several reasons for the reinstall: MPlayerHQ was cracked on November 16 Possibly due to recent lame Linux kernel vulnerability greetz to kernel devs for not publishing details much earlier.

To checkout the new FFmpeg tree, the following command must be issued: Test it or leave it. Spanish and Russian translations almost finished French, Hungarian, Polish translations updated New Romanian translation started numerous sections updated Ports: Exploitable remote buffer overflow vulnerability in MPlayer posted by Gabucino Severity: Please test it as much as you can, and report any bugs you stumble upon!

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